Vertical Gardens Make Us Happy

A wall of plants is more than a beautiful home feature. It’s an entire community of living things that can make us healthier and happier.

Luscious Shade Vertical Garden

Florafelt Vertical Garden by Living Green San Francisco

Designers at Living Green explore color and contrast combining Japanese maple, ferns, grasses, and oxalis in the Florafelt system at their San Francisco showroom.  

Exotic Penthouse Vertical Garden

Living Green Design. Florafelt System.

  Davis Dalbok and his keen team from Living Green created a vertical garden masterpiece for a penthouse garden overlooking lively downtown San Francisco. This wildly imaginative collection of succulents, grasses, ferns and others delightfully frames a gilded centerpiece. The vertical …

Birds Of Prey Vertical Garden by Living Green Design

Davis Dalbok of San Francisco’s over-the-top garden design group Living Green created a stunning masterpiece for the 2013 Decorators Showcase. Entitled ‘Birds Of Prey’ the walls were filled with grasses, conifers, and Maples to frame fine Japanese works of art also …

San Francisco Designer Showcase 2012

Davis Dalbok, Living Green Design. Decorator Showcase 2012. Florafelt System.

How can an elegant, traditional entrance to a stately San Francisco home, be re-imagined to be greener and more welcoming, if not otherworldly? Living Green, partnering with Plants On Walls to create a southern exposed vertical melange of succulents and …