Starting Seeds in Florafelt Vertical Planters

Seeds were started in the pockets of our Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters. Root wrappers were filled with soil then placed in the pockets. Seeds were added to the soil and identified with plastic stakes.

4 thoughts on “Starting Seeds in Florafelt Vertical Planters

  1. Hi,

    Well done with the blog, very informative and offers a different alternative to the stand method

    I am new to vertical gardens and aquaponics

    Why do you choose pockets and wrappers instead of stapling the material to a board and cutting slits in it to make pockets?

    I'm thing of using fish as part of my system, do you have any experience with this? does the water smell?

    Thanks for this site!

  2. Ian;

    With pockets and wraps you can change out the garden easily.

    It's a bit tricky using fish with plants. Search the internet for more information on this. You have to be into the aquarium experience.

    Chris Bribach

  3. Where can I buy the florafelt planter…it’s great and I would like to try it.
    Thanks…appreciate your information

    1. Juan, You can buy Florafelt online here: or give us a call at (770)406-6330.

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