LED Full Spectrum Living Wall Lighting

The best way to provide light for your vertical garden is to use full-spectrum LED living wall lighting.

Florafelt living wall for Google by Planted Design.

Florafelt living wall for Google by Planted Design.

Sunlite Science Science & Technology

Sunlite is a leading pioneer in LEDs used high power CREE with a spectral mix and focused beam fixtures to project an even distribution of light on your vertical garden. They will also help you engineer custom lighting for your project.

Contact: http://Sunlitest.com

Adequate Light

Natural light outdoors is the ideal source for growing plants.

Daylight produces 10,000 foot candles of light. This is perfect for herbs, vegetables, grasses, succulents and many other plants that thrive in full sun or even part shade.

For indoors we select low light tropical plants that are native to the forest floor beneath the tree canopy receiving 250 foot candles and temperatures around 70 degrees. These conditions are typical to our interior spaces. What we consider ‘house plants’ are suitable to our optimal living conditions as well.

Low light tropical plants typically like bright indirect light however too much light or direct sun will burn their foliage. In places where there is not quite enough light supplemental lighting will be required.


Know your Light – Get A Light Meter

To determine light levels get a light meter. Light levels are measured in Foot Candles. Low light tropical plants will survive with 150 – 250 foot candles of lighting and will need 8-10 hours each day.

Hydrofarm Digital Light Meter – About $40


The Color of Light – Kelvin Color

Choosing the color mostly affects how we will view the plants. Warmer colors recreate summer light that encourages blooming. Bluer light will help plants develop their foliage. Vertical gardens are typically for enjoying their beauty therefore 4000K is a balanced warm daylight that looks best with plants.

Kelvin Light Color Compared


Describe Your Project

Provide Sunlite with a drawing describing your project and they will provide a light pattern diagram to help you plan your planting grid.

Large Living Wall LED Lighting in a Window Well