San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers Vertical Garden created with Florafelt Pockets.


Plants on Walls® Vertical Garden Systems

We manufacture ingeniously simple vertical garden kits and modular systems for interior and exterior wallscaping. Made from our 100% recycled plant-loving Florafelt® horticulture fabric, they are an elegant solution for establishing lush green spaces anywhere, from homes and workplaces to entire facades. Take your plants to new heights.

Florafelt Pockets Vertical Garden Installation by Chris Bribach Plants On Walls, San Francisco

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Proudly made in the USA we take special care to make sure you have a great garden. Get to know our products that range from large scale projects to easy DIY home gardens.


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Newly planted baby tears in a Florafelt Pockets vertical garden planter.

Simple and easy to use.

Andrew Jason Adams planting a Florafelt Recirc Unit at Living Green Design in San Francisco.

Architectural grade gardening.

Lindsey Graham of Living Green Design planting a Florafelt Pro System vertical garden.

Standalone plug and play units.

Amanda Goldberg of Planted Design hosing her Florafelt Pro System vertical garden.

Ready-made kits and parts.

Florafelt Grow Buns

Horticulture fabric and wraps.


Design Ideas

Get inspired by the amazing vertical gardens our customers have created with Florafelt.

  • Posted on March 1, 2018 Accent Living Wall by Emma Lam of A Small Green Space in Jersey City Florafelt Living Wall by Emma Lam of A Small Green Space, Jersey City. (photo Florafelt Living Wall by Emma Lam of A Small Green Space, Jersey City. (photo
    Accent Living Wall by Emma Lam of A Small Green Space in Jersey City
  • Florafelt Living Wall by Architect Marika-Shiroi Clark for Hingetown neighborhood in Cleveland.
    Architect Marika Shiori-Clark's Living Wall for Hingetown District in Ohio City Cleveland
  • Florafelt Vertical Garden by Terragarden Kuwait
    Living Walls by Terragarden Kuwait
  • Florafelt Compact Kit Verticla Garden by Tucker Warner
    Elegant and Simple Vertical Garden by Tucker Warner for a Los Angeles Home
  • Kingwood Center Gardens Florafelt Vertical Garden
    Kingwood Center Gardens Living Wall Features Bromeliads
  • Florafelt living wall for Google by Planted Design.
    Google's New Living Wall by Planted Design
  • Florafelt Vertical Garden by Rebecca Sheedy, Floraform Design for Marx Foods, Seattle.
    Green Marketing Gone Vertical in Seattle
  • Florafelt Vertical Garden by FireDean Schilling, Woodland Landscapes at Atrium DUMBO, Brooklyn.
    Atrium Restaurant Living Wall by Woodland Landscapes in Brooklyn
  • Florafelt Vertical Garden Aquaponics by Kate Humble, Humble by Nature UK.
    Aquaponic Vertical Vegetable Garden
  • Birds Of Prey Vertical Garden by Living Green Design
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Florafelt Pockets Vertical Garden Bayan Palace Kuwait by Terra Garden

Our Growing Gallery

See what our thriving community of vertical plant wizards are doing. Get inspiration and read stories from home gardeners, landscapers, architects and more.

Florafelt Pockets Vertical Garden Fern Walls

Green Living

Did you know green walls are not only spectacular but also good for your health? Plus they save space, increase indoor oxygen and need less water than potted plants.

Plants On Walls Floraflet Pockets Vertical Garden Succulents Demonstration

Learn about Living Walls

You don’t need a green thumb to have your own vertical garden. Find out how easy it is to design and install living walls with our detailed tutorials, guides and instructions.

Florafelt Recirc vertical gardens by Rainforest Plants for Trifacta San Francisco

Plants in the Workplace

Join the biophilic revolution. Plants are helping reduce stress, boost productivity and clean the air in workplaces from offices and schools to hospitals. Green is the new coffee break.

Plants On Walls Florafelt Pockets Vertical Garden for Heron Head Eco Center Vertical Garden Aquaponics by Angelica Roche

Care for the Planet

Got mycorrhiza? Learn how increasing the number of plants around you is another step toward sustainable living and environmental harmony.

Plants On Walls Floraflet Pockets Vertical Garden by Chris Bribach

Build with Plants

“Limb-er” not lumber. Plants On Walls® began with a very literal concept of the living wall where homes are entirely constructed from trees rooted in the ground. Find out more...


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