Drip Irrigation for Florafelt Living Walls

Automatic Drip Systems

Florafelt Pockets and Pro System vertical gardens perform best when irrigated with automatic systems. Typically the irrigation frequency should be set to water 4 times a day with durations as little as 2 minutes to as long as 20 minutes depending on the height of the installation.

Set you water timer to water every 6 hours then adjust the duration so the bottom pocket fold remains moist or even drips a little. It’s important to maintain a humid flow throughout the living wall.

Florafelt Pocket Panel drip irrigation.

Drip Emitters

We recommend to use 5/8 inch irrigation tubing with 1/2 gallon/hour button drip emitters. Use two drip emitters per pocket. Keep the drip emitters visible from the front so you can observe the system during operation. Watch for faulty drippers and replace as required. 5/8 inch tubing allows for longer runs without flow issues.

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Each of the two drip emitters should be located about an inch from each edge of a pocket. This makes it easier to insert a plant into the top pocket and keeps the drip emitters free of blockage.

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Florafelt is Unique

Do not to drip into the soil itself.

The pleated felt system wicks water downward which causes water to collect in the bottom fold of each pocket. Do not drip onto the soil. Doing so will cause the roots to remain within the wrap and limit their growth. Instead water the felt so roots will be encouraged to grow into the system.

Water wicks from the bottom fold into the felt wrap and draws out the roots.

Wrap your plants wide and narrow so they will make contact with the bottom fold. With the irrigation system on, observe your living wall to insure the bottom folds are moist and each plant is absorbing moisture correctly.

Drain Away Irrigation System with Food Injector

For even very tall walls its preferred to use a single irrigation run at the top row of pockets only. This makes maintenance much easier and reduces the flow of water to a very slow flow. This allows for the moisture to slowly wick downward and spread into the felt and allow for more time for it to absorb into each root wrapped plant.

Use the following diagram to design you living wall irrigation system.

Water Timing and Control

A high quality garden hose can make a nice connect to a nearby hose spigot. You’ll need to use a hose splitter so others don’t remove the connection. Also use zip ties to keep the faucet on and show others that the vertical garden’s water source is to ‘remain on’.

Regulator and Mesh Filter

This will reduce water pressure down to 30psi which will prevent your drip emitter and connectors from blowing out. The mesh filter will prevent small particles from clogging the drip emitters. Be sure to check and clean the filter on a regular basis.

Florafelt Drip Irrigation Orbit Digital Hose Timer with Regulator Filter

Orbit Digital Hose Timer How To Program Video

The Orbit Digital Hose Timer is a simple and reliable way to keep you vertical garden wet. Because it’s battery operated you won’t have to worry about a blown fuse. These battery operated timers are very reliable and easy to program and make adjustments.

Drain Tray

With Florafelt Systems the water must flow through the felt. It’s possible to position your vertical garden over a planter below but in some situations you may not want water hanging around.

Florafelt Pocket Panel drain tray with corner section.

You can use off the shelf PVC plastic gutter systems to make an easy and low-cost drain tray system. You can use the drain connectors that come with their system or you can use other fittings to make a low-profile drain-away system using 3/4″ PVC pipe.

Florafelt Pocket Panel drain tray with PVC drain tube

Nylon Fittings can be siliconed into place, then loosely set into the PVC fittings which will allow for cleaning and won’t break if bumped. West Marine has nylon fittings used for through hull connections. The one shown here fit’s nicely into the 3/4″ PVC elbow connector perfectly. Use the PVC Clear Silicone that is sold with the gutter to make the watertight connection in the tray.

Our Drip Irrigation Kit

Save time and simply buy our ready-made Drip Irrigation Kit. It has all the parts you need to add a professional drip system to the top of your vertical garden. The timer, filter, pressure regulator is pre-assembled and ready to go.